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World Premiere of "World Enigma 1" - PEP

The Piano and Erhu Project (PEP) is performing an evening concert to celebrate the release of their second CD of Canadian music commissioned especially for them.

PEP Vol. 2 CD Release Concert
Friday January 30, 8 pm
Roy Barnet Recital Hall,
The concert will feature the world premiere of my composition World Enigma 1. I started writing what I call “New World Music” about a decade ago, music that attempts to forge a new contemporary classical musical language that strives not to sound like any particular “cultural” music. This project keeps at its core the Western Music notion of the written musical score and the abstract nature of musical relationships. So I’m not trying to mash together “styles” of music, but rather, trying to find their shared DNA and create a new music that is a combination of the personal and the eternal.