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Résonances Mystérieuses for intermediate piano

My SOUND and MOTION studies for beginner to intermediate piano are little pieces that come to me once in a while when I’m contemplating the nature of…sound and motion (timbre/chord/note and rhythm/pulse/gesture).
A couple of days ago a very simple idea came to mind to create a piece similar to the WIND IN THE BELLS pieces (from SOUND AND MOTION STUDIES) in which the pianist and listener would listen to the actual sounds of individual piano notes and then play another note on the keyboard that would come as close as possible to one of the natural overtone timbral component-constituents. (See “overtones” and “harmonics”.) The shimmering that results can barely be heard but does create interesting resonances. The natural major third and minor (dominant) seventh are toyed with in the piece, but the equal-tempered tuning of the piano takes the ear towards a sort-of greyness or odd stillness at the cadences.

Download the first page here.

This is one of the pieces from Book Two of the SOUND AND MOTION STUDIES for piano, which will be released once I’ve written all of the pieces.