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New revision of CREATIONS for 12 or 16 voices


John Oliver has revised his seminal 1988 work for two 8-voice antiphonal choirs (16 voices). He has created two new versions: 1] the original work for 16 voices, and 2] a slightly reduced version for 12 voices.

CREATIONS is a choral composition about the creation myths of the world.
Composition Chorale sur la création du monde.
Composición coral sobre los mitos de la creación del mundo.
Composizione corale sui miti della creazione del mondo.
Chor Zusammensetzung über die Schöpfungsmythen der Welt.

CREATIONS explores creation myths of the world, from the initial abyss, to gods of the sea, the sun and moon, sky and earth, and endless binary representations of light/dark, left/right, male/female. The work explores resonance, storytelling, and mystery. Text collected by the composer from ancient religious texts and mythologies.

A seminal choral work, *Creations* was composed at the Banff Centre for the Arts in the spring of 1988 and was revised in 2016 to make it easier to perform by reducing unnecessary complexities. The composer also created a version for 12 voices, removing the anitphonal placement and making minimal adjustments to reduce the number of voices.

**A note to international performers whose first language is not English:**

TRANSLATIONS AUTHORIZED: Traduction autorisée. La traducción permitida. Traduzione consentito. Übersetzung erlaubt.
ਅਨੁਵਾਦ ਦੀ ਆਗਿਆ अनुवाद की अनुमति दी 允许翻译. ترجمه مجاز ترجمة المسموح بها ہے.ترجمے کی اجازت

Important: there are several words in the score that may be translated to, and performed, in the language spoken by the majority of the audience.
These are noted in the footnotes when they occur. In addition, the stories may be translated into the language of the audience.