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BC poet Renée Saklikar and Oliver collaborate - World Premiere at New West LitFest

Poet Renée Saklikar has teamed up with John Oliver to create new soundscape performances in real time. World premiere performances at New Westminster LitFest on Saturday April 13, 2013, 7 pm at the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre at Douglas College, 700 Royal Ave., New Westminster, BC.
Saklikar and Oliver collaborate on what would appear to the audience at first to be a standard poetry reading with improvised musical accompaniment. But audiences are in for a surprise when Oliver captures Saklikar’s voice and works his magic with his computer processing improvisation environment to create spontaneous soundscapes that recontextualize and extend and recombine the meaning and feeling of the poetry. Oliver reignites the flame of his passion for the sound of poetry. The raw voice of the poet is the instrument for a new sonic journey.