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Open Letter to AVID, parent company of Sibelius software

I have just signed the petition to ask AVID to sell Sibelius software back to the Finn Brothers, the original developers. You can view and sign the petition here.

I also wrote a Open Letter to the entire board of directors and CEO of AVID describing the impact their decision will have on my work as a composer. You can read my letter on
my blog, and you can write your own letter by clicking here

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Here is an excerpts from my Open Letter to AVID, parent company of Sibelius software.
You can read the complete text of my letter on my blog

Due to this combination of excellence in programming and customer support, I have been a vocal advocate of Sibelius software since I began using it. Sibelius is the core software that enables me to maintain the highest standards of excellence in my own professional work as a composer.

When AVID attacks the very foundation of Sibelius software success - the combination of excellent programming and stellar customer support - I feel as though AVID is attacking my profession.

I urge the AVID Board of Directors to consider the serious negative impact your decisions around firing the staff at Finsbury Park will have on thousands of professional lives, the customers of your software. I am not alone in informing you that my own faith in Sibelius software disappears with the staff who have been let go. I will no longer be able to recommend Sibelius software to my friends and colleagues. I will not purchase any more upgrades because I do not believe that your decision will result in the coherent continued development of Sibelius.