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John Oliver trades in MINI Cooper for electric car

Some of you already know that I traded in my beloved MINI Cooper for a Ford Focus Electric recently. Here's the message I sent to Ford Canada today.

Dear Ford Canada,

I will never buy a gas-consuming vehicle again in my lifetime if I can avoid it. Driving an electric car is safer in traffic, safer for my family, greener, and more fun, and much cheaper to operate and maintain than a gas-consuming car. Because it is also very quiet, it creates a calm driving environment, which reduces stress on the driver and so is safer than operating a combustion engine vehicle. But most important for those who love to drive: this vehicle is a much better driving experience. If I want to go on a long-distance trip to locations where charging stations are not available, I can use the money I saved by not operating a gas-consuming vehicle, to rent a vehicle that will get me there. Meanwhile I am no longer contributing to the pollution of the planet.

Thank you for manufacturing this electric vehicle for me to purchase. I will be certainly raving about this high-quality driving and ownership experience to my friends and colleagues. I encourage you to increase your investment in this technology.

John Oliver