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UNSEEN RAIN now available with guitar accompaniment

I have completed an arrangement for guitar and mezzo of my work originally commissioned for Judith Forst with the CBC Radio Orchestra, UNSEEN RAIN on poetry by Rumi. It was a mammoth undertaking to arrange textural orchestral music for guitar!

You can get a copy of the score at my store.

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On September 14, 2014, I had the pleasure to accompany (on guitar) the wonderful Canadian mezzo Melanie Adams in 5 of my songs from UNSEEN RAIN as part of her solo recital during the Grand Opening of the brand new Anvil Centre in our City of New Westminster. I was so inspired by the performance that I decided to complete the remaining 3 songs.

contact me if you are a singer who would like to perform or record this new version. Otherwise, the score is available at the store.