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1982 percussion duo METRO MUSIC new edition

I wrote Metro Music at the Banff Centre for the Arts in July 1982, and it was first performed there in the Max Bell Auditorium by David MacRae and Greg Murray on July 30.

Metro Music 2015-04-04 00.00.56
This duo takes a twelve-note row, splits it into three note groups, then ignores the style and language one usually associates with 12-tone music, and instead forges ahead with some groovy minimalist music.
The work is scored for 2 marimbas and one or two vibraphones. Only the second movement calls for two vibraphones, but it may be played on two marimbas if a second vibraphone is not available. If two vibraphones are used, the second movement can be played twice to great effect: the first time on two marimbas, and the second time through on two vibraphones.