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15 Minutes of Fame pieces.

About “Fame”…

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Early in 2012, I discovered a call to compose short pieces of no longer than one minute duration for a unique idea called "15 minutes of fame." As stated on their web site, Fifteen Minutes of Fame is a collection of 15 one-minute acoustic works composed specifically for a specific performer or ensemble.

So I wrote a few…and here they are.

for flute, clarinet and piano
Listen to demo here.
Download score here.

for clarinet and cello
Listen to demo here.
Download score here.

for solo horn
Listen to demo here.
Download score here.

thingNY pieces

Two theatrical works I created for the hilarious SPAM series run by thingNY

December 28, 2010
for speaking voices and an ad hoc array of people playing musical instruments.

Do you object to Big Oil companies buying politicians?
Do you object to the Alberta tar sands and the Enbridge pipeline?
Do you object to the Gulf of Mexico BP fiasco?
Then this piece is for you! Download, pass along, distribute freely!
This is a piece for musicians, actors, amateurs, activists, etc. An ability to keep time is an asset. So is conviction.

Pumpin Oil 2012 version
November 20, 2009
for shouter and amplified ensemble

Do Climate Change talks drive you crazy? All talk and no significant action?
This piece is for your rock band/jazz combo!
CLIMATE CHANGE 2012 amplified band-ltr

and a piano piece for ISCM Australia in 2010

December 8, 2009
for solo piano

Do you love Beethoven's 5th piano concerto as much as I do?
Download the score here:
Listen to a demo of the piece here.


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New Works

  • If My Complaints Could Passions Move, a song for Vancouver tenor Will George for voice, classical guitar and cello, based on the song of the same name by 16th century composer John Dowland.

  • Plastic Ocean and Howl for François Houle and John Oliver duo. Premiere Nov. 15, China Cloud, Vancouver

  • Pressed for Time, a collaborative composition with Mohamed Assani for sitar, tabla, and full orchestra, premiered November 5, 2017 by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Bramwell Tovey; Shahbaz Hussain, tabla.

  • World Enigma 3 for (Chinese) sheng solo. Written for Vancouver musician Zhongxi Wu. Thanks to Zhongxi for the jianpu version!

  • Cool Take for computer musician. A suite of 7 pieces of cut-up jazz performed by the composer to a live audience.

  • Re-act-ion for one or more melodic instruments and computer

  • light ripple light for any melodic instrument and computer

  • Cool Cut for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra. Commissioned by Vancouver saxophonist Julia Nolan.

  • World Enigma 2 for solo cello (or viola) – commissioned by Richard Carswell

  • Flight 182 Meditations with Renée Saklikar, poet. A work for poet and computer processing

  • Shaking the Core for string quartet – commissioned by the Langley Community Music School

  • Scenes from an Intercultural Marriage for traditional Chinese Orchestra – commissioned by the Little Giant Chinese Orchestra

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