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  • World Premiere of "Boar" in Toronto May 29.
    Join the PhoeNX ensemble on May 29 at 7pm in Toronto for a concert of 14 world premieres for mixed East/West chamber ensemble: the Legend of the Jade Emperor and the Great Race. All the signs of the Chinese zodiac are presented by as many Canadian composers. I wrote for the Boar, which also happens to be my Chinese birth year.

  • "In The FiveRing Concerto, the composer introduced a lot of effects; the overall composition is very dynamic, sometimes even harsh and intense, as if attacking all the listener's senses. At the same time, it is a distinctly musical piece, whose inspiration - different winter sports - guides the listener through different creative processes and compositional ideas. It is another exceptional piece that introduced Canadian music and left it in the warmest memory of the Croatian audience."
    Cantus magazine, November 2019

  • “…wonderfully creative music…” - Lynn Bayley, Fanfare

  • "a delicate yet often complex sense of beauty" - Musicworks