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    Isolation Journal Series

    "…a heady listen with that distinctive Canadian acousmatic sound. Long waves of processed clarinet morph, mingle, and switch back upon themselves throughout their journey towards decay, only to be occasionally fractionalized (fractalized?) into shorter, spiker staccato bursts of white energy. Spectres and wisps of sounds past cavort and frolic along with a heavier, more metallic presence. All of these and more have a place in this multi-hued sonic place and the overall landscape creates a highly pleasurable tableau." December 26, 2021. Complete Review.

    "a stunning and adventurous journey through the experimental possibilities of contemporary jazz and new music generally." Keith Black, Winnipeg Free Press.

    "Schmidt is very much in control with precise, surgical mastery of volume, sustain, and subtle timbral changes. The fragile melodies are cinematic, uncloaking a spatial vastness worthy of a gentle late-night journey of mind and/or body." December 26, 2021. Complete review.

    "The recording is rewarding…with deeper listening revealing the constantly unfolding overtones characteristic of the bandoneon enveloped within the gauzy web of electronics."
    – Musicworks #140 January 2022. Complete review.

    "Throughout, juxtapositions of the original recording and inventive transformations transports the listener from rural tranquility to deep space and back." - Musicworks, #140, January 2022. Complete review.

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      Arranged for Red Chamber by John Oliver

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    Featured Tracks - Collector’s Items

    featuring Marimba Dismembered, the original track

    electro clps

    The original release of Unseen Rain, remastered and rereleased on Oliver’s CD of orchestral music Forging Utopia (see above).

    Unseen Rain cover

    featuring Before the Freeze for clarinet and tape performed by Claude Schryer

    Before the Freeze

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