SERGIO BARROSO: New Music for Digital Keyboard

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Canzona (Barroso) (1988)
El Reposo del Fuego (Oliver) (1987)
Trajectoires (Denis) (1987-88)
Soledad (Barroso) (1987-88)
El Reposo del Fuego (Oliver) (1987)

Features the composition _El Reposo del Fuego

(for DX7II/TX802 synths & tape)_

  • Sergio Barroso, digital keyboard

Winner of the Grand Prize at the 8th CBC National Young Composer's' Competition and the audience prize at the Luigi Russolo Competition, "El Reposo del Fuego" is an epic work for DX7II/TX802 keyboard synths & tape based on the poetry of Mexican poet José-Emilio Pacheco.

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