New Works and Current ProjectsThe latest projects, in progress or recently completed.

    New Works

    • I've been so busy over the past year that I have neglected the New Works section of the site. Since my last post over a year ago I have been busy producing several studio albums: two solo albums, TAO 20 - TREE TEMPLE and departing souls, as well as two releases with my new group Squid in Chains, Sirens of Kyiv, and The Persistence of Memory. These projects all feature my work in electronic music. As I move from software-based electroacoustic music creation to hardware synthesizers, my sound world and working method is changing, as is the sound. Maybe the next step will be an integration of the two, although my objective with hardware is to be performing music in concert in front of a live audience. Stay tuned.

    • After the great success of my first Isolation Journal album, I phoned some of my long-time collaborators, and introduced each of them to this new way for us to make music together, while remaining apart: they would record themselves performing a solo, which I would then transform into a companion acousmatic soundscape composition…extending, enhancing, and, at times, rearranging and totally recomposing their original recording, all the while respecting and embracing their "creative voice.". The idea blossomed into a series of albums featuring the talent of several remarkable improvising musicians. The first musician to respond "all in" was composer and bandoneon player Douglas Schmidt. He had already begun a series of pieces based on the rhythm of breath a year before COVID hit. When I transformed one of his tracks, he immediately agreed we should make a whole album together. That album came out in May 2021. François Houle was the next artist to embrace the project. His album was released on September 17. Isolation Journal 4 - Friends is scheduled for release on November 5. See more info on my news page

    • In early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic set in, I began to think about how this changes the way we make, and share, music, and why I make music. In a time of lack of intimacy, I seek a new collaboration that, in its very concept, is intimate, yet achieved without direct contact. My first call was to my friend Stefan Östersjö, the Swedish guitarist and improvisor who had commissioned my work NO AMBITION in 2011. We had been trying to collaborate again, and so we talked about the isolation time we were in and came up with the idea for Stefan to send me a recording of him playing a 3-stringed Vietnamese lute in the hills above a village in Vietnam. I separated his 30 minute improvisation into four sections, transformed one of them with various electroacoustic processing techniques, and sent the new track back. He loved it. We created the first album in what has become the Isolation Journal series. Here is a link to this first album

    • Soon after the pandemic began, the Vancouver Inter-cultural Orchestra invited me to form a plucked quartet ensemble consisting of harp, guitar, guzheng, and Persian tar for the purpose of introducing young composers to such an inter-cultural ensemble. VICO also commissioned two pieces from me. Our ensemble, called 88 Strings, recorded several videos for VICO online events. Here is the first of them, called GRADUAL. Watch the video here.

    • During a tour of Singapore and China as guitarist with the Sound of Dragon Ensemble, I encountered a great trio from Taiwan called 3 People Music. Their ruan player, Dabby Pan, is an amazing musician and composer. Inspired by her, I wrote Red Sun Descending for zhong ruan. You can hear her recording here.

    • Deep Forest Feeling (Spirit Shield for a world falling apart) was commissioned by Chih-Sheng Chen for the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra with Financial assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts. The work was first performed by his orchestra on December 11, 2019 at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.

    • I haven't posted new works here for a couple of years. I've been so busy creating them! So here is the classical guitar news. Summer for 2 guitars (originally for zhongruan and guitar). Steady as the River, and arpeggio study. Aiden's Tune, a piece inspired by travis picking. Watch a video of my performance of Aiden's Tune here.

    • If My Complaints Could Passions Move, a song for Vancouver tenor Will George for voice, classical guitar and cello, based on the song of the same name by 16th century composer John Dowland.

    Current Projects

    • As of today, current projects include developing new works with my trio Squid in Chains, as well as a special series of duo pieces with composer/performer Douglas Schmidt that are vast sonic meditations of symphonic proportions.

    • UPDATE of 2020 to 2022 projects. The COVID pandemic tossed me back into the studio where I created many studio albums that you will find mentioned in the New Works section. Since my last post here, 2 and a half years ago, I have been commissioned by the Turning Point Ensemble to create a new work called STEADFAST while around me the world crumbles for trumpet and computer, and the Vancouver Inter-cultural Orchestra commissioned two works, Gradual and Arch for my new 88 Strings ensemble.

    • This year (2020) I'll be creating a new set of studies for classical guitar called MINIMUSICA, Book 2. Gone are the latin titles this time around. I've got two studies already done.

    • Duos for friends: a project with computer-generated and processed sound that I perform with friends, so far clarinetist François Houle, singer/performer Carol Sawyer, and cellist Marina Hasselberg.


    Call for Participation

    I have a very special Call for Participation to anyone with a story of a random act of kindness that you have done or received. I am looking for a short recording of your story, 30-60 seconds long. This can be a short story (narration) or poem in which you tell a story of a random act of kindness when facing hardship. I am especially interested in your story if you have helped someone, or have been helped by someone outside your everyday cultural, religious, economic, gender, age, or political affiliation group. This call is for anyone who believes in, and participates in, inter-cultural dialogue and unity.

    There are two ways to become part of the project:

    1] submit your recording by getting in touch through my CONTACT page and telling me in a few words about your idea, and then you can send the recording via email attachment.

    2] become a supporter of the project financially and also submit your story. In this scenario, you become a “Story Teller - Collaborator” on my Patreon site. You subscribe for $20 per month, but if your recording is selected, I will refund your entire subscription except $20 upon completion of the Unity Songs project, and you will receive:
    – a copy of the recording,
    – or ten copies on compact disc if your story is selected.

    Unity Songs is an extended piece of music for string quartet, electric guitar, keyboards, and recorded spoken voices. Watch the video of an excerpt below.

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