About the Big World Band


BIG WORLD BAND was a Vancouver ensemble comprised of musicians from diverse musical traditions of the world, dedicated to exploring and celebrating our common musical humanity, and perform public concerts that increase and celebrate cultural awareness and understanding among our ethnically-diverse communities. Our mandate was to combine musical instruments and traditions of the world in various new ways to create what we call a “new world music” that ranges from ancient pieces to new recombinations and arrangements, to new compositions. Our goal is to celebrate the meeting of many cultures.


BIG WORLD BAND was founded in the summer of 2011 by its founding member-musicians. The ensemble ceased activities as a fixed ensemble in 2014, as members pursued other projects.

From 2011 to 2014, the core ensemble consists of 7 musicians playing percussion and plucked stringed instruments from the Silk Road: barbat, santoor, tombak and daf (Iran), pipa and ruan (China), sitar and tabla (India), and guitar and bass guitar, and various percussion. Since a change of artistic direction in 2014, the band is project-based and pursues cultural mixing anew with each project.

The band started rehearsals in September 2011, aiming to establish our group sound and repertoire, and, over the course of four months, developed new and existing compositions by band members Hossein Behroozinia, John Oliver and Farshid Samandari, as well as a number of arrangements by various band members. By the end of 2011, local hand-drummer Hamin Honari joined the band as we perfected the program "Go Softly" for our first concert, which took place March 9, 2012 at Christ Church Cathedral to a standing ovation. Our second concert on November 17, 2012, again at Christ Church Cathedral, was equally well-received, featuring a program of music on the theme "Dialogue."

Nominations for the City of Vancouver Cultural Harmony Award and the Ministry of Multiculturalism Nesika Award followed in the fall of 2012.

The band was delighted by the great feedback from our fans and colleagues and we were sad to have to end of activities.