In-depth interview with co-artistic director John Oliver on CJSF, the student radio station of Simon Fraser University.

Here's an interview with co-artistic director John Oliver on the CJSF show "Wandering Rhythms" that took place on Monday March 25 at noon. It features many tracks from our 2012 concerts and lots of discussion about the band and the music. If you want to skip right to the interview, it starts at 5:00.

Farshid Samandari on CBC's North by Northwest

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This 15-minute interview with co-artistic director and composer Farshid Samandari features discussion of the idea of "new world music", as well as how we chose the name "Go Softly" for our first concert. Farshid also speaks briefly about his journey from Iran to Canada.
To listen to the interview on the CBC web site, go here.

John Oliver interviews (in French) on Radio-Canada television.

November 2012: interview before the "DIALOGUE" concert. Click on this link to view it at Radio-Canada.
March 2013: Oliver explains the idea of the band on French TV. You can see it on the Radio-Canada web site here.